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You say I have been calumniating you--complaining of your low wages and bad treatment.
"Or is it that some secret enemy has been calumniating you, Kirylo Sidorovitch?
The 60-member troupe comprising Chinese and Pakistani artists, musicians, dancers, photographers, anthropologists, writers and filmmakers riding on 15 fully equipped vehicles would reach Gwadar, the calumniating point in Pakistan, traversing the CPEC and documenting art and culture enroute in 30 days.
Regardless of the amount of ink Jefferson spilled calumniating Alexander Hamilton's character and commitment to republican principles-and that has been spilled in the same cause by modern-day "neo-Jeffersonians" such as DiLorenzo-Hamilton had no such "dilemma," and he was a central figure in the successful campaign to gradually abolish slavery in the state of New York.