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tr.v. ca·lum·ni·at·ed, ca·lum·ni·at·ing, ca·lum·ni·ates
To make maliciously or knowingly false statements about. See Synonyms at malign.

[Latin calumniārī, calumniāt-, from calumnia, calumny; see calumny.]

ca·lum′ni·a′tion n.
ca·lum′ni·a′tor n.
References in classic literature ?
The calumniator is not yet punished, and he may hope that he will not be; but, on my honor, it he thinks so, he deceives himself.
That vile and slanderous calumniator, the GAZETTE;' these, and other spirit-stirring denunciations, were strewn plentifully over the columns of each, in every number, and excited feelings of the most intense delight and indignation in the bosoms of the townspeople.
calumniator, Marshal Villeroi, who in his youth had known St.
Between him and his mother was the most perfect sympathy, for secretly the lady was herself a devout disciple of the late and great Myron Bayne, though with the tact so generally and justly admired in her sex (despite the hardy calumniators who insist that it is essentially the same thing as cunning) she had always taken care to conceal her weakness from all eyes but those of him who shared it.
This fact will be alone sufficient to silence the tongues of malignant calumniators.
No man is now indulged to bring a criminal accusation where his own interest is not concerned, except the King's advocate who for that reason is styled the Calumniator Publicus.
We spurn the friendship of The Menace and other publications of its ilk," the newspaper told its readers, "[and] we will have nothing to do with any institution that is a calumniator of any group of sincerely religious people.
et delATOR es et calumniATOR / et fraudATOR es et negotiATOR / et fellATOR es perche esisteva in un precedente epigramma di Marziale (11, 30, 2).
The resolution of Phedre involves a classic CPT known as the convention of the calumniator credited.
This backbitter of every man that ever was acquainted with him, the calumniator of every one who ever rendered him a service has thought proper to put forth his impotent venom and to level his cowardly and malevolent attack upon me in an address to you, the People of Preston, in his last lying Register, I feel it a duty .
3: Vt nuper indoctus calumniator erupit, qui commentarios meos in epistolam Pauli ad Ephesios reprehendendos putat nec intellegit nimia stertens uaecordia leges commentariorum, in quibus multae diuersorum ponuntur opiniones uel tacitis uel expressis auctorum nominibus, ut lectoris arbitrium sit, quid potissimum eligere debeat, decernere, quamquam et in primo eiusdem operis libro praefatus sim me uel propria uel aliena dicturum et ipsos commentarios tam ueterum scriptorum esse quam nostros.
Para que del calumniator 210 nos libre omnipotens creator e ilesos todos quedemos.