calves' liver

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Noun1.calves' liver - liver of a calf used as meat
liver - liver of an animal used as meat
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250g calves' liver, leg of lamb steaks, or beef steak
Pork and beef from the grill, burgers and chicken salads are joined by lamb rump, calves' liver and roast quail.
But before you say no to his calves' liver with sauteed potato and onion rings, it has got a beer batter.
But they needn't have worried for the calves' liver I did manage to devour was lovely stuff.
Dr George Gey and his wife Margaret are about to make a mind-bending discovery using an adapted cement mixer and some calves' liver puree.
A: Seared calves' liver with Cumberland sausage Q: When do you serve food?
It is simply going way too far and it is one of the unhappy and all-too-typical examples of health and safety getting out of control" Tory peer Lord Tebbit, on the rule by health officials that, in the House of Lords, calves' liver has to be cooked "within an inch of its life"
Grilled calves' liver, rarely seen on Indian menus, comes with a modern strawberry and balsamic reduction while sea bream sits on a bed of mashed tapioca flavoured with curry leaf and topped with fresh tasting apple.
We skipped the starters and I opted for the very seasonal sounding belly pork and black pudding in apple and cider sauce while my boyfriend chose calves' liver with creamy mash and a red berry jus.
For many years I have been a fan of pairing beetroot with horseradish in a light sauce to go with tender slices of pan fried lambs' or calves' liver.
A I think calves' liver is the nicest for eating but chicken livers are great in a salad.
The extensive menu, which changes daily, has an array of dishes ranging from seared pigeon with roasted pine nuts for pounds 6.75 to pan-fried turbot with cauliflower and chorizo risotto for pounds 15.50 or chargrilled calves' liver, free-range bacon and mashed potato at pounds 15.50.