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 (kăv, käv)
v. calved, calv·ing, calves
1. To give birth to a calf.
2. To break at an edge, so that a portion separates. Used of a glacier or iceberg.
1. To give birth to (a calf).
2. To set loose (a mass of ice). Used of a glacier or iceberg.

[Middle English calven, from Old English *calfian, from calf, calf.]
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Noun1.calving - giving birth to a calf
birthing, giving birth, parturition, birth - the process of giving birth


[ˈkɑːvɪŋ] nparto (di bovini)
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Schlechter said she came up with the innovative concept on a cold winter day when she and her cousin were at her family's ranch and discussed how inconvenient it is to use a calving record book.
A total of 1,342 and 1,699 calving records of Polish Holstein-Friesian Black-and-White heifers and cows (from the second to sixth lactation inclusive), respectively, collected between 2002 and 2013 were used.
Study area and animal sampling: Calving records (n=3, 604) of cows from a total of 115 cattle herders within Nasarawa, Benue and Plateau, north central Nigeria from the year 2010-2013 were utilized in the study.