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n. pl. ca·lyc·u·li (-lī′)
1. Biology A small cup-shaped structure.
2. Botany A group of small bracts that resembles a calyx.

[Latin, diminutive of calyx, calyc-, calyx; see calyx.]

ca·lyc′u·lar adj.
ca·lyc′u·late (-lĭt, lāt′) adj.


having a calycule
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Adj.1.calyculate - having a calyculus
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The hemipenes are small, simple, unicapitate, with bifurcate sulcus spermaticus; the extremity is clearly bilobed but not divided; the apical third (asurcate surface) to the half-way point (surcate surface) covered with calyculate spines; the central sector is covered with spines of moderate size distally, and long hooks anteriorly; two or three long basal hooks, the remaining anterior portion of the basal sector is smooth.