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 (kăl-zō′nē, -zōn′, käl-sō′nĕ)
A baked or fried Italian turnover of pizza dough filled with vegetables, meat, or cheese.

[Italian, pant leg, calzone, from calza, sock, from Vulgar Latin *calcea, from Latin calceus, shoe; see calceolate.]


(Cookery) a dish of Italian origin consisting of pizza dough folded over a filling of cheese and tomatoes, herbs, ham, etc
[C20: Italian, literally: trouser leg, from calzoni trousers]


(kælˈzoʊ ni, -neɪ, -ˈzoʊn)

a turnover made of pizza dough filled with cheese, ham, etc., and baked or deep-fried.
[1945–50; < Italian: literally, trouser leg (calzoni (pl.) trousers)]
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The principal difference is actually that while Stromboli is served with sauce on the inside of the folded crust, a calzone has the sauce on the side or on top.
This strong dough is needed for calzone (which literally means trousers in Italian) and it's the ultimate lunchtime snack because it's so easy to pick up and eat.
They've also got great new pizzas and fully loaded calzones - they'd recommend the ultimate Mac 'n' Cheese Calzone, a folded pizza stuffed with mac 'n' cheese, pulled pork and BBQ sauce.
In addition to her husband, Joe, Barbara leaves her three children, Carmela "Cammy" Calzone and her husband, John of Milford, Frank Luca and his wife, Brenda and Christina Luca of Riverside, RI and her grandson, John Calzone; as well as many nieces and nephews.
Cesare Pagano and Rito Calzone ordered and executed the killing of 43-year-old Carmine Amoruso, who was shot dead in a bingo hall in Mugnano near Naples in 2006, Football Direct News reported.
Calzone came in a portion that would have made Desperate Dan struggle to finish
The Castello Pizzeria, based in Scarborough, has developed the Manchester United calzone (a type of folded pizza), which promises a 'cosmopolitan blend of high-class ingredients', like the United squad, that 'folds under the slightest pressure'.
5kg - more than 5lb - of calzone at an Italian restaurant in the city centre.
Developed from Old World recipes, the 3-Cheese Calzone is generously filled with pepper jack, parmesan and mozzarella cheeses with pizza sauce.
Prima Pizza at The Side, Newcastle, celebrated National Chocolate Week with a chocolate calzone pizza.
Lois Calzone from Maryland carried a poster showing Obama painted as Batman character "the Joker" with the captions "Un-American" and "cap and traitor.
To start, we shared cheesy garlic ciabatta, mama's salad, and a mini calzone filled with tomato and cheese.