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n. pl. cam·bi·ums or cam·bi·a (-bē-ə)
A lateral meristem in vascular plants, including the vascular cambium and cork cambium, that forms parallel rows of cells resulting in secondary tissues.

[Medieval Latin, exchange, from Late Latin cambīre, cambiāre, to exchange, of Celtic origin.]

cam′bi·al adj.
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Adj.1.cambial - of or relating to or functioning as a cambium
phytology, botany - the branch of biology that studies plants
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According to PUMIJUMNONG & BUAJAN (2013), the species does not develop in dry periods because water deficit reduces the rate of cambial activity, which is reestablished with the increase in average annual precipitation.
The influence of the season of the year on root induction also can be caused due the reserve of nutrients in the cambial tissues and the cambial activity, as well due the endogenous auxins present in the cuttings or cuttings stage of development (LEITE; MARTINS, 2007; OHLAND et al.
Ja no mercado externo, apos 10 anos de valorizacao cambial que tiraram competitividade das exportacoes brasileiras de moveis, esse canal de comercializacao tambem perdeu o sentido.
We also plated wood from adjacent branches displaying wilted foliage and black staining in the cambial layers.
ValorizaQo Cambial No Brasil E as Armas Para Defender a Industria Na Guerra Cambial.
Essas oscilacoes sao oriundas nao somente da crise internacional instaurada no final de 2008, mas tambem de uma apreciacao cambial do US$ entre 2006 e 2011.
Juvenile wood is explained by Kolzlowski (1971) and Larson (1969) as being the results of the relative abundance of growth regulators and carbohydrates in the cambial zone near the crown.
The differences between these mean cambial ages (t-test) or the standard deviations of the corresponding ages (F-test) did not appear statistically significant at any reasonable level (p>0.
Neste sentido, surgiu a necessidade de encontrar modelos que pudessem capturar algumas caracteristicas inerentes ao mercado cambial como, por exemplo, o alto volume de negociacoes diarias deste mercado.
The virus can also be transmitted through grafting because it involves the union of cambial layers of stock and scion, either of which might be infected with a virus (Mathews, 1970).