camel racing

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Noun1.camel racing - the sport of racing camels
racing - the sport of engaging in contests of speed
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A young man stands next to his camel during the festival on March 13, 2018 -- Mohamed Awad CAIRO -- 15 March 2018: The Camel Racing Festival's 17th round ended on Tuesday in Srabioum desert of Ismailia in an event that attracted tourists as well as participants from nine countries from the Middle East, Africa and Europe in a show of camel beauty and strength.
The ambassador welcomed the Rashid Cub's hosting of the IFAHR for the third year in a row, stressing that two countries' continuous cooperation in the fields of horse and camel racing strengthens the solid brotherly relations between them.
Summary: Al Marmoum Smart Camel Racing Track buzzing with action after five days of competition
The 18th Kuwait International Camel Racing Championship will be launched on Saturday with participation of camel owners from Kuwait, Gulf, and other Arab countries including 80 stages to be held on the Martyr Fahad Al-Ahmad Stadium at the Kuwaiti Camel Racing Club for six days.
One of the most important additions to the festival this year is the King Abdul Aziz Camel Racing Award, where camel owners compete for the largest prize for camel racing in the world," he said.
The Hejen festival is one of the most popular camel racing competitions in the region, and is widely participated in by sport lovers from across Qatar.
The festival is one of the most important events on the agenda of heritage camel racing sport in Qatar.
They said that camel racing has a special place in the rich Emirati culture and that they are proud to carry this tradition up to this modern age.
The Awqaf and Minors Affairs Foundation (AMAF) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Dubai Camel Racing Club to enhance cooperation with a focus on raising awareness about the important role of endowment in social development.
This came when the FVP received, Sunday, a delegation from the UAE Camel Racing Federation, headed by Nasser Al Ameri, in the presence of Dr.
All four belong to Joseph's Amazing Camels, which tours the country offering camel racing displays.
The founding committee of a newly-established international federation for camel racing has invited international camel racing federations and specialised committees to join the new body, a report said.