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A person who drives or rides a camel.


a camel-driver


(ˌkæm əˈlɪər)

a camel driver.
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So these types of rocks are named "cameleer mountains." You can see related rocks in Bitlis, Agri, Karayazi-Erzurum, Igdir, Mardin and Sivrice Elazig (Zekeriya 1992, 66).
Known as Cameleer Goran, he always travels with his camel.
My latest YA historical fiction aimed at an older readership is The Youngest Cameleer. One of the lesser known explorations into the interior was led by William Gosse in 1873.
My other historical novel The Youngest Cameleer is aimed at older children and young adults.
Fortunately for the others on that same lonely bitumen, he gave up drinking and driving big rigs, preferring to cameleer in the Northern Territory.
1993 'Sahanna--a precis of Gus Bottril's notes on Sahanna, "Afghan" squatter, cameleer and sandalwooder of Moonlight Valley, East Kimberley, WA'.
The practical bible for the cameleer. For those who read French, a free downloadable guide is also available: Traitement des maladies du dromodaire ( pdf/guide_maladies_fr.pdf)
In Australia, Noel Fullerton, the man known throughout the world as Australia's greatest cameleer, takes camping trips into the Simpson Desert for up to two weeks at a time.
Formal bilateral relations date back to Pakistan's creation, but ties go back to the 1800s when cameleers from Balochistan helped open up Australia's Outback.
"And the cameleers started to make their camels fight" in the places they stopped at in the region, Erturk said.
Art from this region represents a unique heritage in Australia, with the relics of the Macassan Traders of Northern Australia and the Afghan Cameleers of Central Australia serving as the most celebrated of Australian Islamic legacies.