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Noun1.camelpox - a viral disease of camels closely related to smallpox; "with a little genetic engineering camelpox could be used as a bioweapon"
animal disease - a disease that typically does not affect human beings
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Altogether, 212/214 predicted proteins had results in the nonredundant database; most (191) best-hit results were obtained for cowpox virus from various previously described strains, 9 for vaccinia virus, 4 for variola virus, 3 for monkeypoxvirus, 2 for ectromelia virus, and 1 each for horsepox, camelpox, and taterapox.
Smith, "Vaccinia, cowpox, and camelpox viruses encode soluble gamma interferon receptors with novel broad species specificity," Journal of Virology, vol.
The sequence of camelpox virus shows it is most closely related to variola virus, the cause of smallpox.
Following viral diseases are common in camels: (i) Camelpox, (ii) Rinder Pist and (iii) Footand-mouth disease is sporadically found but on the whole camels are unaffected.
Reference gene selection for quantitative real-time PCR analysis in virus infected cells: SARS corona virus, Yellow fever virus, Human Herpesvirus-6, Camelpox virus and Cytomegalovirus infections.
Some of the innovative discoveries of CVRL include a camelpox vaccine, Ducapox (commercially produced in South Africa), vaccine against Newcastle disease in falcons, falcon pox and houbarapox vaccine and falcon herpes virus vaccine.
* Buffalopox, camelpox, and elephantpox produce a localized nodular lesion that is self-limiting.
A smallpox diagnostic panel compiled by Inger Damon s laboratory at the CDC included 12 different variola virus isolates (VAR), 13 different strains and isolates of camelpox, cowpox (CPV), ectromelia, herpes, monkeypox, Staphylococcus aureus, vaccinia (VV), and varicella-zoster viruses (VZV).
According to the Center for Infectious Disease Research & Policy (CIDRAP) at the University of Minnesota, camelpox is a virus closely related to smallpox that causes a "severe and economically important disease in camels," but rarely, if ever, causes the disease in humans.
Many are experts on smallpox or other diseases that could be used by terrorists such as mousepox, camelpox or Ebola.
Iraqi bioweapons specialists are known to have worked with the camelpox virus, which may be used as a surrogate for research on smallpox therapies and vaccines, and for development of the smallpox virus as a weapon.