camera angle

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: angle - the point of view of a cameracamera angle - the point of view of a camera  
point of view - the spatial property of the position from which something is observed
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WHY is it that with each new camera angle, the coverage of TV racing appears to get progressively worse?
Would someone please tell Sky that the only camera angle we need is the same one that is used in betting shops every day of the week.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Konami has partnered with Samsung to create a new 'Fan View' camera angle "perfectly suited for use with Samsung's new Curved UHD TV".
The biggest problem with smart phone scanning has been controlling the camera angle to capture a perfectly oriented image with a consistent focus.
Generally we do so with the just one camera angle, but even though Sky Sports have a multitude of camera angles they still can't work it out sometimes.
Camera angle confusion THE camera angle caused havoc for inrunning punters at Southwell yesterday as the finishes to both the opening contest and the 2m handicap (3.
On the DVD we sent in, the camera angle was from an outside view and the referee was behind the play at the time, so it was always going to be difficult.
Simply strap the AT-5 to a tree, a wood post or a metal fence post and then tilt and pivot the camera angle to cover the likeliest spots.
adjusting the camera angle, amount of light, and focus for optimal results
Instead of presenting standard reportage on contemporary art, it presented artistic projects in the medium of television; instead of the object status of art, it emphasized its processes, such as in the way Dibbets's sand square (which, because of the perspectival distortion of the camera angle, was actually a trapezoid) eventually gets washed away by the waves.
Omron says it has the steepest camera angle on the market and features an optional intelligent light source that reduces the background effects on processed and rough-metal parts.