camera operator

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: operator - a photographer who operates a movie cameracamera operator - a photographer who operates a movie camera
lensman, photographer - someone who takes photographs professionally
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Mobile camera operator Robert Jefferson had told the court the equipment had been in good working order on the day of the offence.
Still chewing his chewing gum, Warnock follows the camera for a few steps, giving viewers at home a close-up view, before turning away for the dug-out as the camera operator backs up.
SPEED camera operator Steve is happy to bust a few myths surrounding speed cameras.
Former dancer and camera operator Kyxz Mendiola flew and hovered for a few minutes in a single-passenger contraption powered by the "multicopter" technology commonly used in small unmanned drones.
But he was spotted by a roadside camera operator and received a penalty notice a week later.
Subsequently this week, Liberian Journalist Tyron Brown, who worked as a reporter, camera operator and video editor for Super FM and TV, owned by Businessman George Kailando, was reportedly sodomized, murdered and his body dump in his Dupot Road Community, Paynesville City, among other similar crimes across the country.
They were taken through all of the processes involved in bringing the news to the small screen, from being an onthe-spot reporter and camera operator to speaking directly to the nation in the studio.
I am just a camera operator whose job is to capture the action on the field'.
I've just had a torrent of abuse hurled at me and been threatened by a camera operator who I can only assume was working for Thrasher as he was filming a load of skaters wearing a load of Thrasher-branded clothing.
Among those considered suspects in the assaults are a former TV camera operator, a football player and the son of an evangelical pastor.
Sabir (security camera operator) red-handed while taking Rs.