camera tripod

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: tripod - a tripod used to support a cameracamera tripod - a tripod used to support a camera  
tripod - a three-legged rack used for support
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He caught up his camera tripod which was near his cot, and made a swing with it at the creature that had flown into the tent through an opening it had made for itself.
Minutes later, I'm up on deck eight of MS Finnmarken, pushing through the crowds and accidentally hitting people with my camera tripod as I try to bag a good spot.
This not only supplies additional power for extra-long continuous shooting, but doubles as a way to attach the camera to metallic objects such as street signs, a refrigerator, or your bike handle bars, for a convenient camera tripod while when on-the-go.
The result of that joint effort is flowtech, a new carbon-fibre camera tripod technology with unique quick release brakes and easy-adjust levers that enable camera operators to set up and begin using the tripod immediately.
When they arrived they found 39-year-old Ray Lee Luster setting up a camera tripod and preparing to take a "selfie" of him holding the sword in the picturesque setting.
The unit itself can be mounted on a dedicated base and set on the shooting bench or it can be mounted on a camera tripod. One of the cautions is not to use semi-automatic weapons which throw the brass at the unit.
The lens adjusts from 20 inches for close-ups (like a flower blooming) to infinity and the camera fastens securely into the top of a custom designed flexible mounting stake for insertion into the ground, or can be used with any camera tripod. And apparently it "sleeps2 between photos - clever!
He can also tell of a close encounter with a Mills bomb, a British First World War hand grenade, which was seen leaning against the leg of a camera tripod during a day's filming, and which local experts came to deactivate.
In a pinch, you can simply use an L-bracket with a camera tripod.
To save time, stick to things that are functional and useful like a necktie for dad, a pocketsize camera tripod for a thrillseeking friend, or a smart phone stand for your brother.
When shooting video I sometimes use a very small 4-inch Flip Video camera tripod to hold my wireless mic.