camera tripod

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: tripod - a tripod used to support a cameracamera tripod - a tripod used to support a camera  
tripod - a three-legged rack used for support
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Minutes later, I'm up on deck eight of MS Finnmarken, pushing through the crowds and accidentally hitting people with my camera tripod as I try to bag a good spot.
This not only supplies additional power for extra-long continuous shooting, but doubles as a way to attach the camera to metallic objects such as street signs, a refrigerator, or your bike handle bars, for a convenient camera tripod while when on-the-go.
The result of that joint effort is flowtech, a new carbon-fibre camera tripod technology with unique quick release brakes and easy-adjust levers that enable camera operators to set up and begin using the tripod immediately.
When they arrived they found 39-year-old Ray Lee Luster setting up a camera tripod and preparing to take a "selfie" of him holding the sword in the picturesque setting.
The unit itself can be mounted on a dedicated base and set on the shooting bench or it can be mounted on a camera tripod.
The lens adjusts from 20 inches for close-ups (like a flower blooming) to infinity and the camera fastens securely into the top of a custom designed flexible mounting stake for insertion into the ground, or can be used with any camera tripod.
In a pinch, you can simply use an L-bracket with a camera tripod.
The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park uses small orange flags to mark out trails through the lava fields and safe > areas to erect your camera tripod.
To save time, stick to things that are functional and useful like a necktie for dad, a pocketsize camera tripod for a thrillseeking friend, or a smart phone stand for your brother.
When shooting video I sometimes use a very small 4-inch Flip Video camera tripod to hold my wireless mic.
In the days before mobile phones, and even timers on cameras, the pictures were taken by young people sat in a makeshift photobooth with a camera tripod and flash.