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(kăm′ər-ə-rĕd′ē, kăm′rə-)
Prepared in such a way as to be appropriate for photographing prior to being made into a printing plate: camera-ready art; camera-ready text copy.


(of text or illustrations) ready to be photographed.
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POSE by MyGlamm caters to every urban woman who wants to be camera-ready and look picture-perfect, at any point in the day.
The latest entry in The Estee Lauder Companies Inc.'s M&A column is Hollywood-based prestige skin care brand GlamGlow, known for its fast-acting treatment masks designed for instant camera-ready "red carpet looks." The acquisition is expected to close in January 2015.
* Easily maneuverable suspension arms that are integration-friendly and HD camera-ready.
And with selfies and instant photo sharing becoming a fad, a camera-ready smile is great to have and experts say there are seven ways to achieve that.
Camera-friendly printers: Some printers sport a USB port that says "Picbridge" or "Camera-ready." This basically means you can hook up your camera directly to the printer via USB and print an image from the camera directly.
We feed our children on trite camera-ready sound bites but fail to tell them that nothing has really changed.
All New Holland flagship combines are prewired for the system, and the monitor is camera-ready.
There are over 33.5m MMS-capable, camera-ready mobile phones currently in use in the UK, representing over 50% of the total 67m handsets used, according to the Mobile Data Association (MDA).
"Staying camera-ready requires the proper diet, skin care and exercise plan.
Written for the serious beginner, this guide explains how to use the QuarkXPress desktop publishing program to produce camera-ready output from the computer.
For printed materials, the camera-ready art work is e-mailed immediately to the printer or vendor that the bank has selected.