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1. (Law) of or relating to a judicial or legislative chamber
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) of or relating to a judicial or legislative chamber
[C18: from Medieval Latin camerālis; see camera]
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(ˈkæm ər əl, ˈkæm rəl)

of or pertaining to a judicial or legislative chamber or the privacy of such a chamber.
[1755–65; < Medieval Latin camerālis, derivative of camer(a) treasury, governmental chamber]
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"The sides have approved the drafts of final documents on demarcation of certain sections of the Russian-Kazakh state border and have negotiated the field demarcation and cameral activities," the ministry said.
This isn't a camera designed for selfies at Disneyland or pictures at family reunions, but is instead a hand-held device with a built-in thermal cameral intended for rugged industrial environments where durability, weight savings, and heat resistance are primary concerns.
He spent the 2013 and 2014 legislative sessions in the lower chamber before crossing over.Less than a handful of his colleagues had done so, but he said that he expects cameral switches will be more common now that lawmakers can serve a total of 12 years.
Eminli also mentioned that cameral investigations will be continued on the discovered materials.
Without prejudice to cost implication of the bi-cameral system, I think our founding fathers that gave us bi-cameral legislature knew why they did so and I think we shouldn't take that kind of decision whether to return to one cameral legislature, based on consideration of cost alone.
Unfortunately, with the exponential growth of the administrative state in the twentieth century, Congress did not use its cameral rules to keep pace: "Just as the chambers in their earliest years lacked institutional infrastructure and were therefore forced to rely on the executive branch, so too the expansion of the administrative state led to the chambers' having insufficient resources to form an effective counterweight" (p.
Infective endocarditis of the left main to right atrial coronary cameral fistula.
Preoperative cardiac catheterization showed no obstructive coronary artery disease, except for coronary cameral fistula (Figure 4).
Pioneer FA serves global communication instrument manufacturers, crystal oscillator manufacturing companies, cameral module manufacturers, automobile parts manufacturers, and LCD parts manufacturers.