(kăm′ər-ə-pûr′sən, kăm′rə-)
One who operates a television or movie camera.
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(ˈkæmrəˌpɜːsən; ˈkæmərəˌpɜːsən)
a camera operator
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(ˈkæm ər əˌpɜr sən, ˈkæm rə-)

a person who operates a camera.
usage: See -person.
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After being interviewed at the home of relatives in Oxford, the Jakubowskis took a ride to their condemned home at 169 Klondike Road and led the "Extreme Makeover" casting agent and cameraperson from Los Angeles on a tour inside and out.
This requires the cameraperson to also have the ability to recognize that what he or she is seeing is newsworthy and why.
CBS News has a producer and a cameraperson in Havana; NBC News Producer Mary Murray has been in the country since 1994; ABC has "editorial resources," says Paul Slavin, the network's senior vice president for worldwide newsgathering.
In late 1999 when the author was almost twenty her filmmaker mother Deepa Mehta invited her to come to India to work as a third assistant cameraperson on her new controversial film Water.
Other sports reporters have done speedskating stories, but--with the exception of Channel 5's Frank Cusumano--send only a cameraperson or get what they can as quickly as possible and leave the rink.
This test identifies three groups of individuals that can swear that an image is authentic: a witness to the event, a cameraperson who took the image, and an expert on the camera system.
A cameraperson's viewfinder tells them when they are in focus or if their iris is set incorrectly.
Early on Leiterman felt uneasy about his role as a cameraperson filming vulnerable people in very tumultuous situations, undecided over whether he was exploring or exploiting.
Rick's cameraperson showed the family--including sisters Stephanie and Charryse--nestled beside Michelle's bed in the hospital's oncology intensive care unit.
the cameraperson understand that I don't need to do a security review
1 A cameraperson (positioned in a "cherry picker" basket at the end of a long arm attached to a utility truck) videotaped the pitches from directly above home plate.
Tracy arrives with "our" film cameraperson and a public relations consultant who will arrange for duplicating tapes.