(kăm′ər-ə-pûr′sən, kăm′rə-)
One who operates a television or movie camera.


(ˈkæmrəˌpɜːsən; ˈkæmərəˌpɜːsən)
a camera operator


(ˈkæm ər əˌpɜr sən, ˈkæm rə-)

a person who operates a camera.
usage: See -person.
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Karin Jacobsson, as well as the other members of the squad: Thomas Wittberg, 28, with his "surfer looks and the Casanova of police headquarters; technician Erik Sohlman; and Lars Norby, the police spokesman, as well as the Swedish TV journalist Johan Berg and his cameraperson, Pia Lilja, as well as Johan's significant other (and the mother of his adored one-year old daughter Ellin), whose relationship reaches a critical point during the course of the novel.
still reeling from the death of TV Bandeirantes cameraperson Santiago Andrade, who died from injuries sustained when a flare exploded next to his head during a violent protest in Rio de Janeiro on February, 10.
We hear him speaking to the cameraperson about the position of the objects in front of the lens.
REMUS not only had to follow, it had to act as an autonomous cameraperson, following precisely enough to keep its target in view of its cameras.
The cameraperson, who was attacked, is in critical condition and has been admitted to ICU section of a Jodhpur hospital.
If security guards aren't told otherwise, their first instinct too often is to place a hand in front of the camera's lens while impolitely telling the cameraperson to get lost.
A cameraperson was allegedly injured during the police action and this made a complaint against authorities of an English TV channel.
Al-Jadeed cameraperson, Ali Shaaban, is not the first martyr since the beginning of Syrian incidents," the MP said.
He wants to stage the camera angles--and also stage the "character" of the cameraperson.
dubai It took a first-time actor, a director, a producer, a scriptwriter, a cameraperson, cast and crew to create an award-winning film from scratch u in just two days.
Many times I have seen, if something goes wrong and we tell the cameraperson that this is defective, they say 'don't worry everything would be corrected in post-production'.
Soon after, two women arrive by car, a reporter and her cameraperson, the latter a black woman dressed in an outfit suggesting army fatigues.