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 (kăm′ər-lĕng′gō) also cam·er·lin·go (-lĭng′gō)
n. pl. cam·er·len·gos
The cardinal who manages the pope's secular affairs.

[Italian camerlengo; akin to Old French chamberlenc; see chamberlain.]
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(ˌkæməˈlɛŋɡəʊ) or


n, pl -gos
(Roman Catholic Church) RC Church a cardinal who acts as the pope's financial secretary and the papal treasurer
[C17: from Italian camerlingo, of Germanic origin; compare chamberlain]
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(ˌkæm ərˈlɛŋ goʊ)

n., pl. -gos.
the cardinal who acts as the treasurer of the Holy See and who directs the conclave that elects the pope.
[1615–25; < Italian < Germanic; akin to Old High German chamarlinc chamberlain]
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* The selection process in choosing the camerlengo, the cardinal who is responsible for the Vatican's administration in the interim period between the death or resignation of the pope and the conclave to elect his successor, would be updated.
Soon after arriving at the San Francisco museum in 2016, Hollein brought the idea for the show to Jill D'Alessandro and Laura Camerlengo, the textile and costume curators at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, which includes the de Young.
On the other hand, the name "Camerlique" recalls the title "Camerlengo," or "Camerlingue," in French.
Pandolfo Strozzi also appears in the list of disbursements in the account books of the Camera Ducale in Ercole d'Este's list of chamberlains and equerries for 1476 as camerlengo to the duke, with a monthly salary of 'lire 30 de marchesani'.
Coker, Schickel, Sorenson, Posgay, Camerlengo & Iracki, P.A.
He sold the office of cardinal and camerlengo, the administrator who oversees Church revenues, to the powerful merchant Francesco Armellino for the price of 15,000 ducats in cash (Simonetta 195).
Dal 1828 si assiste a una sorta di rinascita di Palestrina, con la pubblicazione delle Memorie storico-critiche della vita e delle opera di Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina compilate da Giuseppe Baini, camerlengo della cappella pontificia (Ragni in Mazzini, 1992: 73).
Durante la Sede Vacante, la Segreteria fornisce al Camerlengo di Santa Romana Chiesa o ad un suo delegato i piu recenti bilanci consuntivi consolidati della Santa Sede e dello State della Citta del Vaticano e quelli preventivi per Panno in corso.
Iracki to a named partner and has announced that the attorneys and staff of Camerlengo Law Group have joined the firm.
In Angels and Demons, Camerlengo McKenna (with possibly a twinkle in his eyes) asks Professor Langdon -- "Would it surprise you to find those clothes suit you?" Robert Langdon, wearing the clothes of a priest, mockingly answers the Camerlengo, "It would surprise the hell out of me."
The character played by Ewan McGregor was Carlo Ventresca in the original book, but this name was changed to Camerlengo Patrick McKenna to reflect McGregor's lack of Italian heritage.