(kăm′ər-lĕng′gō) also cam·er·lin·go (-lĭng′gō)
n. pl. cam·er·len·gos
The cardinal who manages the pope's secular affairs.

[Italian camerlengo; akin to Old French chamberlenc; see chamberlain.]
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It looks like Camerlingo really is all about the "food, beauty, travel," just as her Instagram profile states, as she often posts photos of herself modeling in different location and showing off different looks.
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Censori B, Camerlingo M, Casto L et al: Prognostic factors in first-ever stroke in the carotid artery territory seen within 6 hours after onset.
Viewing the Old Arcadia as Sidney's wry and stylistically self-conscious representation of the closed world of the Elizabethan court and its political vicissitudes, Camerlingo traces in the New Arcadia a bold and sceptical concern to drive his readers forward into the unknown heliocentric or infinite universe of Giordano Bruno (who was in England between 1583 and 1585, just at the same time when Sidney was probably revising the Arcadia).
Opus Dei members may imagine they have the next conclave sown up thanks to the sympathy shown it by the camerlingo or chamberlain, Spanish Cardinal Eduardo Martinez Somalo, 67, appointed in 1991.
Our products have been a staple of the family dinner table for almost 100 years," said Joan Camerlingo, Mrs Baird's brand manager.