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(kăm′ə-fläzh′, -fläj′)
1. The concealing of personnel or equipment from an enemy by making them appear to be part of the natural surroundings.
2. Protective coloring or other appearance that conceals an animal and enables it to blend into its surroundings: The leopard's camouflage makes it blend in with the forest shadows.
a. Cloth, netting, or other material used for camouflage: spread the camouflage over the tank.
b. Fabric or a garment dyed in splotches of green, brown, and tan, used for camouflage in certain environments.
v. cam·ou·flaged, cam·ou·flag·ing, cam·ou·flag·es
v. tr.
1. To conceal by the use of camouflage.
2. To conceal, usually through misrepresentation or other artifice: camouflaged their hatred with professions of friendship. See Synonyms at disguise.
v. intr.
To use camouflage for concealment.

[French, from camoufler, to disguise, alteration (influenced by camouflet, snub, smoke blown in one's face) of Italian camuffare.]

cam′ou·flag′er n.
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concealed or disguised
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Adj.1.camouflaged - made invisible by means of protective coloring
invisible, unseeable - impossible or nearly impossible to see; imperceptible by the eye; "the invisible man"; "invisible rays"; "an invisible hinge"; "invisible mending"
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Larson pioneered the wireless concealment industry by developing and building the first Mono-Pine camouflaged cellular tower.
THE Telegraph regularly features camouflaged Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles being tested on the roads of Coventry and Warwickshire -but why do they look the way they do?
The varying gray tones and eye- deceiving contrast has worked extremely well for me when hunting the high expanses of grass, a lone, low-profile rock (your camouflaged body) can be overlooked by game animals.
Vivid, "punchy" brightly colored illustrations portray the animal(s) in camouflage on one side of the page, while on the back side the camouflaged animal(s) are clearly drawn in white on black backgrounds.
The logic of digicam is to provide camouflage across a range of distances rather than employing patterns which only provide concealment at long or short ranges, thus improving the protection of the soldier, or object, being camouflaged.
To test our primary prediction that more visually camouflaged nests experienced reduced odds of predation, we used logistic regression with overall average observer camouflage score as the independent variable and nest survival (1 = survived, 0 = depredated) as the dependent variable.
I performed the same process to the other half of the parts after masking the newly camouflaged half.
Using camouflage to problematize notions of identity in performative portraiture, Levin illuminates the quotidian (and thereby camouflaged) alignment of female, non-white, lower class bodies with the qualities of space.
My paper discusses photography for the period 1914--1945 and I use Max Dupain (1911-1992) as a case study since he was deployed in the Second World War (WWII) to empower the camouflaged body yet at the same time was a leader in modernist photography.
But because he was camouflaged he was hit by one car then run over by another as he lay in the road.