camp bed

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camp′ bed`

a light folding cot or bed.


cribcamp bed
1. 'cot' and 'crib'

In British English, a cot is a bed for a baby. A cot has high sides to prevent the baby from falling out. In American English, a bed like this is called a crib.

Put your baby's cot beside your bed.
I asked for a crib to put the baby in.
2. 'cot' and 'camp bed'

In American English, a cot is a narrow bed for an adult. It is made of canvas fitted over a frame, and you can fold it up. You take it with you when you go camping, or you use it as a spare bed at home. In British English, a bed like this is called a camp bed.

His bodyguards slept on the cots.
I had to sleep on a camp bed in the living room.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: bed - a small bed that folds up for storage or transport
bed - a piece of furniture that provides a place to sleep; "he sat on the edge of the bed"; "the room had only a bed and chair"
leg - one of the supports for a piece of furniture
سَريرُ سَفَرسَرِيرٌ سَفَرِيّ
skládací lehátko
poljski krevet
야전 침대
kamp yatağıportatif karyolaportatif yatak
giường gấp nhẹ

camp bed

n (Brit) → brandina


(kӕmp) noun
1. a piece of ground with tents pitched on it.
2. a collection of buildings, huts or tents in which people stay temporarily for a certain purpose. a holiday camp.
3. a military station, barracks etc.
4. a party or side. They belong to different political camps.
(also go camping) to set up, and live in, a tent / tents. We camped on the beach; We go camping every year.
ˈcamper noun
1. a person who goes camping.
2. (especially American) a motor-caravan.
ˈcamping noun
camp bed (American cot)
a light folding bed (not only for camping). The visitor will have to sleep on a camp bed.
camp-fire noun
the fire on which campers cook, and round which they sit in the evening etc.
ˈcampsite noun
a piece of land on which tents may be pitched.

camp bed

سَرِيرٌ سَفَرِيّ skládací lehátko feltseng Campingliege ράντζο cama plegable telttasänky lit de camp poljski krevet brandina キャンプベッド 야전 침대 kampeerbed campingseng łóżko polowe cama de armar, cama de campanha раскладушка tältsäng เตียงผ้าใบน้ำหนักเบา portatif karyola giường gấp nhẹ 行军床
References in classic literature ?
D'Artagnan, taking with him three trusses of straw, returned to the chateau, where everybody, freezing with cold and more than half asleep, envied the king, the queen, and the Duke of Orleans, on their camp beds.
Setting up the hospice wasn't easy for Mary - she had to sleep on a camp bed in a room with no heating and cracked windows, but she never complained.
Instead of taking popcorn and nachos into the cinema, I promise you'd be better off with a camp bed.
We had a family suite with a camp bed in the living area.
There is no one to look at those papers at the Sofia Reception Centre, where he sleeps on a folding camp bed in a room with eight other men.
She is now sleeping on a camp bed at her mother's house, where she is crammed in with sons Josh, seven, Jack, four, Ben, three, and eight-month-old baby daughter Casey-Ann.
3-year investigation and it presents Napoleon's camp bed, a canopy bed, a wooden cocoon, a floating bubble, a soft cage and their owners.
IT MIGHT be tempting to feel a little sympathy for Monmouth MP David Davies, forced to sleep in his office on a camp bed because of the rigorous new regulations affecting MPs expenses.
The leader gestured for me to sit on a metal-framed camp bed over which a sleeping bag was draped, and I was handcuffed to the slim trunk of a supporting tree next to the bed.
I'm relying on family and friends to put down my camp bed.
The Camp Bed George Washington used while on a victory tour of battlefields after the Revolutionary War.
Additionally, the Ultimate Comfort Lounger offers the additional utility of being used as a camp bed with a self-pillow.