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D'Artagnan, taking with him three trusses of straw, returned to the chateau, where everybody, freezing with cold and more than half asleep, envied the king, the queen, and the Duke of Orleans, on their camp beds. The lieutenant's entrance produced a burst of laughter in the great drawing-room; but he did not appear to notice that he was the object of general attention, but began to arrange, with so much cleverness, nicety and gayety, his straw bed, that the mouths of all these poor creatures, who could not go to sleep, began to water.
A week after attending a camp meeting where I slept on an old camp bed, I started itching all over my body.
Volunteers will also need to provide their own camp bed or sleeping mat.
The scheme, for rough sleepers in Croydon, south London, provides a camp bed, a hot dinner, breakfast and washing facilities.
Mrs Eaton said her mother gave her a lift to Smith's home and when she got there, he was lying on a camp bed in the living room with a quilt over him.
Items donated by the airport included, insulated salopettes, thermal long underwear, waterproofs, gloves, jackets, footwear, jumpers, t-shirts, coats, a tent, sleeping bags, camp bed and foam sleeping mats.
We aren't saying that waking up under Hope the Whale isn't enough - but getting to sleep in a comfortable camp bed in a semisecluded area meant we weren't distracted from marvelling at this new star attraction by tripping over our eye bags.
A judge heard yesterday how the frail pensioner, who suffered from various health problems including advanced dementia, was found dead on a camp bed covered with a sleeping bag.
In another photo, Mick Clarke rests on his suspended camp bed as he writes a letter home alongside Steve Perkins who is having a cup of tea.
She's removed from her palatial bedroom and put into a box room and onto a camp bed which she shares with her grumpy cousin.
Here, the parent sits on a chair or lies on camp bed next to the cot, and slowly moves his chair or camp bed out of the room (e.g., by a foot each night).
She is now sleeping on a camp bed at her mother's house, where she is crammed in with sons Josh, seven, Jack, four, Ben, three, and eight-month-old baby daughter Casey-Ann.