camp shirt

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camp shirt

A casual, usually short-sleeved shirt typically having a buttoned front, open collar, and straight hem.

camp′ shirt`

or camp′shirt`,

a short-sleeved shirt or blouse with a notched collar and usu. two breast pockets.
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He goes all but unnoticed on a recent Sunday morning as he walks into the lobby of Hotel Sofitel wearing shorts with a camp shirt and a hint of scruff on his face.
Look for comfortable cottons and island prints like those in the best-selling Tori Richard men's line (tropical Hawaiian print Tapa Lounge Camp shirt shown).
Tommy Bahama is continuing their successful relationship with Major League Baseball Properties with the release of a limited edition 2011 MLB All-Star Game Camp shirt in celebration of the Midsummer Classic.
A number of garments, including long-sleeve camp shirt, 6-pocket pants, long-sleeve T and full facemask are available.
A nice feature on the camp shirt and the padded long-sleeve shooting shirt is a pouch behind the shooting patch to accommodate an EvoShield shooting pad.
Make sure the greeter is easily identified as camp staff by a uniform or camp shirt.
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