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Noun1.campaign hat - a broad-brimmed felt hat with a high crown; formerly worn by the United States Army and Marine personnel
chapeau, hat, lid - headdress that protects the head from bad weather; has shaped crown and usually a brim
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In May 2001, Smith was selected to become a military training instructor, and he earned his campaign hat in August 2001.
His attention to detail, along with cutting eyes scorching from underneath the campaign hat, remains easily recognizable to those who have been cordially welcomed into the military by him.
Wearing a red campaign hat with the message "Make America great again", Trump arrived in his private helicopter.
At the Republican National Convention in June, Roosevelt was a sensation in his Rough Rider campaign hat.
Earlier in the day, US General Douglas MacArthur had declared Manila an open city (just before sending an aide back into Manila to snag his prized campaign hat and Colt .
To look salty, he wears his campaign hat a little back on his head.
ferWth to Ge Gr hi pe int th ma pr While Hiddink needs hree qualifying points keep the pressure on ermany at the top of roupFour,Tosh knows s young side is deserate for the platform to the next campaign hat only victory over a ajor nation can rovide.
I guess we're just cleaning because the neighborhood needs cleaning," said Nicholas, his long dark locks protruding from a white plastic campaign hat, the kind with a red, white and blue ribbon around it, that someone threw out in the trash.
1912--In January the Army begins first use of the new campaign hat that, with modifications, will later become the drill sergeant's hat.
The deputies ride in uniforms adapted to horseback: riding breeches, black boots and campaign hat.
THE drill sergeant campaign hat is one of the most prestigious and sought-after uniform items in the military inventory, said CSM Scottie Thomas.
Featuring a two-way radio with microphone and headset that triggers the alert message, the figure also comes with a folding bench, shirt, pants, boots with leggings, campaign hat, dog tags and Springfield rifle with sling.

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