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 (kăm-păn′yə-lĭt, -lāt′)
Shaped like a bell: campanulate corolla.


(kæmˈpænjʊlɪt; -ˌleɪt)
(Botany) (esp of flower corollas) shaped like a bell
[C17: from New Latin campanulātus; see campanula]


(kæmˈpæn yə lɪt, -ˌleɪt)

bell-shaped, as a corolla.
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Adj.1.campanulate - shaped like a bell or campana; "campanulate flowers of the genus Campanula"
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Floral cup shape: hemisphaeric = 0; campanulate = 1; obconic = 2; patelliform = 3; urceolate = 4.
Continuation of table 1 1 2 Fruit bodies' macrocharacters Cap has little difference colour Cap of young fruit bodies is intensity of young and ripe fruit darker, grey-brown, then it bodies, it is usually of reddish lightens to buff-grey with a hues (meat-red, yellowish red, darker centre; at first it is reddish brown); cap is convex convex, then almost extended, spherical or campanulate in case of sometimes with depression and young bodies and pitching convex mount in the centre.
2011 Hoya wongii (Apocynaceae, Asclepiadoideae): a new campanulate flowered species from Brunei (Borneo).
Both groups share a following number of common features: (1) head vertical, with horizontal vertex located at right angle to flat and vertical frons, vertex usually with clear longitudinal depression, epistomal suture never depressed in contrast to eccritotarsines with vertical head; (2) antenna longer than body length; (3) pronotum campanulate, with flat pronotal collar, posteriorly delimited by shallow depression extending directly to propleural suture at sides; (4) parempodia flattened, apically spatulate.
1 mm width, deciduous; terciary branches numerous; flowers numerous per branch, polystichous, rotate to slightly campanulate, ca.
Very large campanulate monopetalous corolla: at the lower end of a very long curving tube a voluminous protuberance contains a very abundant nectar.
Flowers 1-5 on each stem, axillary as well as terminal, on 1-3 cm long pedicels, campanulate, showy, 3-5 cm long.
Speaking of subtropicals, Crocosmia - with classic six-petaled, dangling, campanulate flowers - is a delightful summer-blooming herbaceous perennial from Central America.
Once through the makeshift wooden gatehouse through the City wall behind the Tower (a portal inhabited, according to the disapproving John Stowe, by 'persons of lewde life', like the entrance to the Bower of Bliss in the Second Book of The Faerie Queene) Spenser hurried schoolward, diminutive in the dawn that etched upon his vision wharves, sails (three-masters below London Bridge), steeples, church-towers castellated and campanulate, alleys and sudden water-gates, and the belfries of the 107 parish-churches, many of whose names, at once droll and circumstantial, he knew as well as he did their distinguishing chimes.
If a flower is campanulate, what is it shaped like?
Thorax: Pronotum: Campanulate, weakly biconvex, width of callosite region slightly greater than posterior lobe (Fig.