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Adj.1.campanulated - shaped like a bell or campana; "campanulate flowers of the genus Campanula"
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Hydrothecae of moderately thin perisarc, campanulated, urn-shaped, 587-976 pro long, 95-137 [micron]m wide at diaphragm, 229-399 pro wide at margin; convex walls above diaphragm, nearly straight elsewhere.
Hydrothecae strongly campanulated, long, 760-988 [micron]m in length, 316-478 [micron]m wide at margin and 145-199 [micron]m wide at diaphragm, sometimes asymmetric.
Hydrothecae deeply campanulated, semi-cylindric, 480-530 [micron]m long, 167-210 [micron]m wide at margin, and 60-83 [micron]m wide at diaphragm; sometimes asymmetric; 6-8 conspicuous folds in hydrothecal walls runs downwards from the margin; diaphragm always oblique; margin with 10-13 bimucronate cusps, never uniform, separated by U-shaped incisions.