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"His friend who he was earlier seen with - and who he left with - drove a red Chevy S-10 with a white camper shell."
Many fiberglass kennels are designed for the open pickup box, with no need of camper shell or cover.
Davis, wandering in the dark on a remote road, came upon a small truck mounting a camper shell. Asleep inside was the owner, one Daniel Schwartz.
About five nights of Steinbeck's trip are unaccounted for, so it's possible he slept in his camper shell on one or two of them.
Steinbeck had his famous Rocinante--a custom-made Wolverine camper shell fixed to the bed of a three-quarter-ton pickup--but Barich made his trip in a humble Ford Focus rental.
I didn't make my own pickup camper shell from plywood, no, but I will say the most simple and effective means I've seen to get more height is foam water pipe insulation from the hardware store.
A friend who left the bus with the boy told authorities that after the two parted, he saw a small white pick-up truck with a camper shell speeding away from where Ben had been walking.
AT 5:15 IN THE AFTERNOON on Saturday, April 6, 1996, a GMC truck with a camper shell, transporting 27 people, was spotted by the U.S.
An image came to Bob Lindberg in a dream: a truck with a covered wagon in its bed instead of a camper shell. An avid hunter who admitted to watching "too many John Wayne movies," Bob teamed with his wife Theresa to make the concept a reality with their side business, Konestoga Koncepts.
After looking at almost 200 trailers, I bought this steel utility trailer with a camper shell to have shelter from the summer monsoons and winter snows.
He was going to be in the area on business, with a company he had only been with for two months, in a brand new company truck, that somehow a borrowed camper shell appeared on.