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 (käm′pĭ-sē′nō, kăm′-)
n. pl. cam·pe·si·nos
A farmer or farm worker in a Latin-American country.

[Spanish, from campo, field, from Latin campus; see campus.]


n, pl -nos
a Latin American rural peasant


(ˌkɑm pɛˈsi nɔ)

n., pl. -nos (-nôs). Spanish.
(in Latin America) a peasant or farmer.
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Un cambio trascendente que genero este proyecto en el territorio fue la sedentarizacion de la milpa, como lo explica un campesino de Xohuayan:
The Chilean company, El Campesino, has just reached a final investment decision after having received a final regulatory approvals for two phases of a gas-fired electric power complex based on a combined cycle process.
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 31, 2015-Cheniere Marketing enters into 20 years LNG sale and purchase agreement with Central El Campesino