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A fragrant white or colorless crystalline ketone, C10H16O, obtained naturally from the wood of the camphor tree or synthesized from pinene and used as an insect repellent, in the manufacture of film, plastics, lacquers, and in medicine chiefly in external preparations to relieve mild pain and itching.

[Middle English caumfre, from Anglo-Norman, from Medieval Latin camphora, from Arabic kāfūr, possibly from Malay kapur; akin to Sanskrit karpūraḥ.]

cam′phor·a′ceous (kăm′fə-rā′shəs) adj.
cam·phor′ic (-fôr′ĭk) adj.
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Adj.1.camphoric - relating to or derived from or containing camphor; "camphoric liniments"
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and I tentatively offer an interpretation that I have not seen in the literature: "Let Mitra (and) Varuna as herdsmen liberally bestow that protection to us (and) to our offspring (and) seed." The role of kit here is camphoric, miming to the following clause m[] vo bhujem[]nyaj[]tam eno / m[] tat karma vasavo yac cayadhve "(that) we should not suffer from you the fruits of a sin committed by another.