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An area suitable or used for camping.


an area on which holiday-makers may pitch a tent, etc. Also called: camping site


or camp′-site`,

a place used or suitable for camping.
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Noun1.campsite - a site where people on holiday can pitch a tentcampsite - a site where people on holiday can pitch a tent
land site, site - the piece of land on which something is located (or is to be located); "a good site for the school"
مَوْقِعُ الـتَّخْيِيممَوْقِعُ المخيّـم
nơi cắm trại


(kӕmp) noun
1. a piece of ground with tents pitched on it.
2. a collection of buildings, huts or tents in which people stay temporarily for a certain purpose. a holiday camp.
3. a military station, barracks etc.
4. a party or side. They belong to different political camps.
(also go camping) to set up, and live in, a tent / tents. We camped on the beach; We go camping every year.
ˈcamper noun
1. a person who goes camping.
2. (especially American) a motor-caravan.
ˈcamping noun
camp bed (American cot)
a light folding bed (not only for camping). The visitor will have to sleep on a camp bed.
camp-fire noun
the fire on which campers cook, and round which they sit in the evening etc.
ˈcampsite noun
a piece of land on which tents may be pitched.


مَوْقِعُ الـتَّخْيِيم kemp campingplads Campingplatz χώρος κατασκήνωσης campamento leirintäalue terrain de camping logorište campeggio キャンプ場 야영지 kampeerterrein campingplass pole namiotowe local de camping, parque de campismo палаточный лагерь tältplats บริเวณที่ตั้งค่าย kamp yeri nơi cắm trại 野营地
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All unconscious of the stalker, the men came, late in the afternoon, to a spot which seemed favorable as a campsite.
Many Taipei residents might not have heard of Guizikeng Camping Site, but they should know about this place if they are interested in taking advantage of the city's free public campsite for a relaxing recreational experience.
National contract notice: Acquiring an entrepreneur in the fantase campsite for the years 2018-2024
THIS is the best campsite in Wales, according to the AA.
Clent Hills, Fieldhouse Lane, Romsley, Halesowen A BEAUTIFULLY tranquil campsite surrounded by fabulous walks, including the north Worcestershire Path that runs within a mile of the campsite and covers 27 glorious miles of countryside.
The walkers were descending the North Ridge of Tryfan when another person suggested they take a short cut to the campsite at Tryfan Bach.
Campsite at Les Pins Parasols at Frejus | Campsite at Les Pins Parasols at Frejus SPEND August Bank Holiday camping on the Cote d'Azur for PS265 (saving 10%).
He says that there is no interest to supervise the campsite -- the rule that all persons spending a night have to complete arrival/departure forms is never enforced, public peace hours are not kept, permanent or semi-permanent constructions have been erected, communal roads are blocked by boats and cars, the ablution facilities are filthy and smelly.
Thankfully, the weather cleared after that, as we were all dreading a muddy, wet campsite.
CONTROVERSIAL proposals to create a tourist campsite at a South Wales beauty spot have been granted planning permission.
Bookings must be made directly with the campsite at least 48 hours prior to the stay, quoting 'The Sunday People 95p Camping Offer'.
Availability of dates differ from campsite to campsite and exclusions apply.