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A light folding stool.


a variant of camping stool



a lightweight folding stool, usu. with a canvas seat.
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Noun1.campstool - a folding stool
stool - a simple seat without a back or arms
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He sat silently on a campstool below the knoll, with head bowed and elbows on his knees.
Santos shrugged a shoulder towards the captain as he opened a campstool, drew up his trousers, and seated himself with much deliberation at the foot of my mattress.
I pointed to the recessed part where the little campstool awaited him and laid my finger on my lips.
At others I would find him on the campstool, sitting in his gray sleeping suit and with his cropped dark hair like a patient, unmoved convict.
We belated historians must not linger after his example; and if we did so, it is probable that our chat would be thin and eager, as if delivered from a campstool in a parrot-house.
He walks off to starboard, and sits under the dodger on a little campstool of his, and for half an hour perhaps he makes no sound, except that I heard him sneeze once.
What fault, if any, do you find with my putting the skates on the young ladies, and carryin' the campstool for them?
Crews will also repair the bridge over Campstool Road on I-80, which was previously hit by a truck.
Dorothy, already in her 70s, is sitting serenely, almost regally, on a campstool, framed by guns and clubs hanging on the belts of two cops ready to take her into custody.