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adj. Botany
Having an ovule partially inverted and curved such that the micropyle nearly meets the funiculus.

[Greek kampulos, curved + -tropous.]


(of an ovule) curved so that the micropyle and funiculus almost touch
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Adj.1.campylotropous - (of a plant ovule) curved with the micropyle near the base almost touching its stalk
plant life, flora, plant - (botany) a living organism lacking the power of locomotion
orthotropous - (of a plant ovule) completely straight with the micropyle at the apex
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Members of the Canellaceae form a monophyletic group, which share several synapomorphies such as monadelphous stamens, parietal placentation, and campylotropous ovules (Salazar, 2006).
Ovary (2-)4-5(-14) carpellate, superior to inferior, with usually axile to intruded parietal placentation, rarely apical or basal; ovules 1 to many per carpel, anatropous to nearly campylotropous, unitegmic, tenuinucellate, the embryo sac usually of the Polygonum type; style short to long, hollow, sometimes expanded apically; stigma truncate to capitate or slightly to strongly lobed, sometimes cup shaped, funnel shaped, or flabellate to pinnatifid.
Such varying differentiation of different parts of the ovule accounts for the occasional confusion of anatropous and campylotropous ovules.