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n. pl. can·a·lic·u·li (-lī′)
A small canal or duct in the body, such as the minute channels in compact bone.

[Latin canāliculus, diminutive of canālis, conduit; see canal.]

can′a·lic′u·lar (-lər) adj.
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Adj.1.canalicular - relating to or like or having a canaliculus
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To understand whether the canalicular fluid transfer, the bile concentrations, or both interfere with drug excretion rates into bile, we plot the drug bile excretion rates (x-axis) and the bile flow rates (y-axis) as previously published [16] (Figure 5(b)).
Estrogen, which increases 100-fold during pregnancy, interferes with bile acid secretion across the basolateral and canalicular membrane of the hepatocyte.
LAP is located in various tissues including the small intestine, renal proximal tubules, and the canalicular domain of hepatic cell membranes.
Lung maturation is divided into four periods: (a) pseudoglandular, (b) canalicular (c) terminal sac, and (d) alveolar phases.
Primary canaliculitis usually occurs with no underlying cause, although canalicular occlusion or diverticulum may precipitate infection in the canaliculus.
Apesar de as caracteristicas citadas ja estarem presentes na fase canalicular, estes foram classificados em periodo de saco terminal devido aos resultados de analise proteica, os quais demonstram presenca de proteina surfactante (SP-A), que indicaria o inicio de sintese de proteinas pelos pneumocitos tipo II.
Prevention of taurolithocholate-induced hepatic bile canalicular distortions by HPLC-characterized extracts of artichoke (Cvnara scolymus) leaves.
He was not jaundiced and the liver profile abnormality was a mixed pattern with elevated transaminases and canalicular enzymes, both approximately 2-5 times above the normal range (Table I).
In the interim, a liver biopsy was done showing liver parenchyma with marked canalicular and intracellular cholestasis, accentuated in perivenular zone, and rare foci of bile duct injury and ductular proliferation.
CEA and CD10.--Polyclonal anti-CEA antibodies (pCEAs) cross-react with a biliary glycoprotein, giving rise to a characteristic canalicular staining pattern in normal liver.
Polyclonal carcinoembryonic antigen immunostain was also negative for the canalicular pattern usually seen in hepatocellular carcinoma, making the diagnosis unlikely.
Jones silicone intubation tubes were inserted in cases of a common canalicular block diagnosed on the basis of probe test using Nettleship punctum dilator and Bowmans probe.