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Noun1.Canary bird - any of several small Old World finchescanary bird - any of several small Old World finches
finch - any of numerous small songbirds with short stout bills adapted for crushing seeds
genus Serinus, Serinus - Old World finches; e.g. canaries and serins
common canary, Serinus canaria - native to the Canary Islands and Azores; popular usually yellow cage bird noted for its song
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"O warm spicy land of my birth," sang the Canary bird; "I will sing of thy dark-green bowers, of the calm bays where the pendent boughs kiss the surface of the water; I will sing of the rejoicing of all my brothers and sisters where the cactus grows in wanton luxuriance."
Try rather to divest yourself of all your rational prejudices, as much as if you were studying the psychology of a canary bird, and only watch the movements of this pretty round creature as she turns her head on one side with an unconscious smile at the ear-rings nestled in the little box.
At one house near Moorfields, they found in one of the rooms some canary birds in cages, and these they cast into the fire alive.
While he was doing this, another man with an equally tender conscience (they had both been foremost in throwing down the canary birds for roasting alive), took his seat on the parapet of the house, and harangued the crowd from a pamphlet circulated by the Association, relative to the true principles of Christianity!
Miss Lavinia and Miss Clarissa have given their consent; and if ever canary birds were in a flutter, they are.
He went on, stimulated by this comparison, to liken some to hippopotamuses, some to canary birds, some to swine, some to parrots, and some to loathsome reptiles curled round the half-decayed bodies of sheep.
Broadcasters in the participating countries received the live black-and-white video feed using Intelsat 1, known as 'Early Bird' because it was the first Intelsat satellite; Intelsat II F2, called 'Lani Bird'; Intelsat II F3, 'Canary Bird'; and NASA's ATS-1.
One real winner is the rambling rose and, a particular favourite of mine, the fast-growing variety Canary Bird.
Late into the night, I sit and Tweet (sending messages on Twitter is called Tweeting, which is embarrassing, as it sounds like that yellow canary bird with a lisp, from Looney Tunes) about things like the resignation of the pope or what I ate for lunch.
Rosa xanthina 'Canary Bird' - another excellent climbing frame but a spectacular shrub in its own right, with buttercup yellow single rose flowers in late April and early May.
If you want a real splash of fire, choose the striking Lucifer with its flame-red, trumpetshaped flowers clustered along an elegant arching spike, or Canary Bird with golden yellow flowers.
In some gardens, "Canary Bird" (Rosa xanthina), the earliest of the roses, has been in full bloom from the end of April, rhododendrons, too, while Wisterias benefiting from a warm wall as well as warmer temperatures are weighed down with blossoms.