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also can·ce·la·tion  (kăn′sə-lā′shən)
1. The act or an instance of canceling.
2. A mark or a perforation indicating canceling.
3. Something canceled, especially a released accommodation or an unfilled appointment.
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also cancelation
1. The act of erasing or the condition of being erased:
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on the day of the intended cancelation but in case of extreme weather changes during the day, the declaration of suspension must be made no later than 11 a.m.
Conclusions: Present study found 7.6% cancelation rate in Makkah region hospitals and three most common causes for cancellations were patients related, facility related and improper work-up.
BERLIN, March 18 (LUNA) -- Lufthansa German Airlines employee stared their 12the strike during 2015, which caused the cancelation of a large number of flights, causing a a disruption in air traffic of German international airports, especially in Frankfurt, Munich and Stuttgart.