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v. can·celed, can·cel·ing, can·cels also can·celled or can·cel·ling
a. To annul or invalidate: cancel a credit card.
b. To decide or announce that (a planned or scheduled event) will not take place, especially with no intention of holding it at a later time: cancel a picnic; cancel a soccer game.
a. To cross out with lines or other markings. See Synonyms at erase.
b. To mark or perforate (a postage stamp or check, for example) to indicate that it may not be used again.
3. To neutralize or equalize; offset: Today's decline in stock price canceled out yesterday's gain.
4. Mathematics
a. To remove (a common factor) from the numerator and denominator of a fractional expression.
b. To remove (a common factor or term) from both sides of an equation or inequality.
To neutralize one another; counterbalance: two opposing forces that canceled out.
The act or an instance of canceling; a cancellation.

[Middle English cancellen, from Old French canceller, from Latin cancellāre, to cross out, from cancellus, lattice, diminutive of cancer, lattice.]

can′cel·a·ble adj.
can′cel·er n.
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Adj.1.cancelled - (of events) no longer planned or scheduled; "the wedding is definitely off"
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Therefore, I note here, though it may not be at all necessary, that there are hundreds of Will Cases (as they are called), far more remarkable than that fancied in this book; and that the stores of the Prerogative Office teem with instances of testators who have made, changed, contradicted, hidden, forgotten, left cancelled, and left uncancelled, each many more wills than were ever made by the elder Mr Harmon of Harmony Jail.
I had a hope that this brisk treatment might freshen my wits a little; and I think it did them good, for I soon came to the conclusion that the first step I ought to take was, to try if my articles could be cancelled and the premium recovered.
And even if intended to be cancelled, as might possibly be supposed to be denoted by these marks of fire, it is NOT cancelled.
Miserably I went to bed after all, and miserably thought of Estella, and miserably dreamed that my expectations were all cancelled, and that I had to give my hand in marriage to Herbert's Clara, or play Hamlet to Miss Havisham's Ghost, before twenty thousand people, without knowing twenty words of it.
Dar-Es-Salaam --Zanzibar-Muscat flights on all Thursdays, between May 9 and 31, have also been cancelled.
Ever since I cancelled it a long time ago, when I received my credit card, I have been paying the amount regularly every month, but the charges are not decreasing.
In addition,the government has cancelled the licences of 2,406 NGOs across the country,which includes entities that run schools and hospitals.
Wavertree MP Luciana Berger has joined fellow Labour MP Andy Burnham in highlighting the number of times patients have been let down by cancelled operations - sometimes just hours before surgery.
Division Four: Anglesey Aluminium (3) v Tata Steel Maeshafn (3) Abandoned; Castell Alun (3) v Bodedern 2nds (3) Cancelled; Llanrwst 2nds (9) 163-4 v Menai Bridge 3rds (1) 69-7; Tata Steel Shotton (3) v Pwllheli 2nds (3) Cancelled.
The latest NHS figures reveal the number of cancelled operations has risen in the North East since last year, with 208 cancelled over a 10-day period ending on Wednesday, November 13.
Turkish Airlines (THY) cancelled all flights between Turkey and the cities of New York and Washington on Tuesday, which included two ystanbul-New York flights, one New York-ystanbul flight, and a flight from Washington to ystanbul.
The CLA calculated the impact of recent wet weather on the rural economy at more than pounds 150m after a string of countryside events, including the Great Yorkshire Show and the CLA Game Fair, were cancelled because of bad weather.