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v. can·celed, can·cel·ing, can·cels also can·celled or can·cel·ling
a. To annul or invalidate: cancel a credit card.
b. To decide or announce that (a planned or scheduled event) will not take place, especially with no intention of holding it at a later time: cancel a picnic; cancel a soccer game.
a. To cross out with lines or other markings. See Synonyms at erase.
b. To mark or perforate (a postage stamp or check, for example) to indicate that it may not be used again.
3. To neutralize or equalize; offset: Today's decline in stock price canceled out yesterday's gain.
4. Mathematics
a. To remove (a common factor) from the numerator and denominator of a fractional expression.
b. To remove (a common factor or term) from both sides of an equation or inequality.
To neutralize one another; counterbalance: two opposing forces that canceled out.
The act or an instance of canceling; a cancellation.

[Middle English cancellen, from Old French canceller, from Latin cancellāre, to cross out, from cancellus, lattice, diminutive of cancer, lattice.]

can′cel·a·ble adj.
can′cel·er n.
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Adj.1.cancelled - (of events) no longer planned or scheduled; "the wedding is definitely off"
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