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Noun1.cancer cell - a cell that is part of a malignant tumorcancer cell - a cell that is part of a malignant tumor
neoplastic cell - a cell that is part of tumor
malignance, malignancy - (medicine) a malignant state; progressive and resistant to treatment and tending to cause death
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Biomarker analysis of blood samples from patients with cancer treated with CYC202 demonstrated that 54% (14 of 26 analyzed) tested positive for cancer cell death or apoptosis following single agent treatment with the drug.
Modulation of aromatase activity by growth factors in an androgen sensitive human prostate cancer cell line, LNCaP.
ARQ 197 is designed to block the activity of c-Met, a receptor tyrosine kinase that plays multiple key roles in human cancer, including cancer cell growth, survival, angiogenesis, invasion and metastasis.
Clearly, these fatty acid diols stimulate breast cancer cell proliferation in vitro and disrupt reproductive function in rats at relatively low concentrations.
ArQule's second cancer platform, Cancer Survival Protein modulation, has generated a clinical-stage product designed to inhibit a molecule known as c-Met, which plays multiple roles in cancer cell growth, survival, invasion, angiogenesis and metastasis.
The discovery of CDKs and cyclins and their role in checkpoint control of the cancer cell cycle has been honored with the 2001 Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology.
They screened a group of enzymes known as serine hydrolases by measuring the activity levels of these enzymes in normal prostate epithelial cells and in three standard prostate cancer cell lines.
make cancer cell membranes more fluid and pliable, enabling the cells to get out of small blood vessels and into the surrounding tissues;
Among this emerging group of breast cancer patients lies a second generation whose reactions to targeted therapies include a reduction in cancer cell size that, it appears to doctors, cures the patient.
Researchers at Salk Institute used a small pipette to extract and analyze the RNA of individual breast cancer cells to track a cancer cell line's evolution.
Often a mechanism for cancer cell death, "self-eating," in this case, acts as a survival mechanism for dormant cancer cells.
Amplimexon appears to kill cancer cells by causing the disruption of mitochondria, the energy producing factories of the cancer cell, resulting in the leakage of toxic substances which kill cancer cells.

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