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Noun1.cancer drug - any of several drugs that control or kill neoplastic cellscancer drug - any of several drugs that control or kill neoplastic cells; used in chemotherapy to kill cancer cells; all have unpleasant side effects that may include nausea and vomiting and hair loss and suppression of bone marrow function
alkylating agent - an antineoplastic drug used to treat some forms of cancer
antimetabolite - an antineoplastic drug that inhibits the utilization of a metabolite
antineoplastic antibiotic - an antibiotic drug used as an antineoplastic in chemotherapy
asparaginase, Elspar - antineoplastic drug (trade name Elspar) sometimes used to treat lymphoblastic leukemia
cytotoxic drug - any drug that has a toxic effect on cells; commonly used in chemotherapy to inhibit the proliferation of cancerous cells
floxuridine - antineoplastic drug used to treat some cancers; can cause loss of hair
lomustine - an antineoplastic drug often used to treat brain tumors or Hodgkin's disease
Alkeran, melphalan - antineoplastic drug (trade name Alkeran) used to treat multiple myeloma and some other malignancies
periwinkle plant derivative - an antineoplastic drug used to treat some forms of cancer
procarbazine - an antineoplastic drug used to treat Hodgkin's disease
thioguanine - an antineoplastic drug used to treat acute leukemias
thiotepa - an antineoplastic drug used to treat certain malignancies
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What happens when the PS100,000 runs out?" Aviva Health's medical director Dr Doug Wright said: "The NHS do a brilliant job of offering an extensive range of cancer services but financial pressures mean they simply cannot fund every cancer drug that is available.
Most oncologists agree that the government should have control over drug prices, and more use of cost-effectiveness data is required for decision-making about cancer drug coverage.
"The decision means that, for the first time, an effective breast cancer drug will be available in Wales and Scotland but not in England."
The researchers, led by Mariana Medina-Sanchez, Mariana packaged a common cancer drug, doxorubicin, into bovine sperm cells and outfitted them with tiny magnetic harnesses.
M2 PRESSWIRE-August 6, 2019-: Cancer Drug Delivery Research Report 2019: Focus on Technologies, Markets & Companies - Updated Estimates to 2029
But Ahmad views a strong launch of the prostrate cancer drug as critical, given a slower-than-expected ovarian cancer drug launch and the prostate cancer drug has been the biggest driver of Bank of America's model on Clovis.
"I set up the Pamela Northcott Fund in 2007 after my mum Pamela was refused a new cancer drug", she explained.
And in the meantime, will there be a run on the natural source, as there was on the Pacific yew tree, a source of a cancer drug (see SW 4/17/92, p.
M2 PHARMA-March 6, 2017-India's drug pricing regulator cuts cancer drug prices by up to 86%
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 26, 2017-NICE approves Novartis kidney cancer drug for NHS use
"We're the first to find that this agent can be used as a cancer drug. A lot of companies are contacting us," says Keqiang Ye of the Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta.

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