cancer of the liver

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Noun1.cancer of the liver - malignant neoplastic disease of the liver usually occurring as a metastasis from another cancer; symptoms include loss of appetite and weakness and bloating and jaundice and upper abdominal discomfort
liver disease - a disease affecting the liver
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He had been a heavy drinker and suffered from cancer of the liver.
Compared with the general population, women with RRCA1 mutations were at increased risk of developing cancer of the liver (relative risk 4.06), cervix (relative risk 3.72), uterine body (relative risk 2.65), pancreas (relative risk 2.26), and colon (relative risk 2.03).
Mark D Weiser, chief technology officer of Xerox Corp's Palo Alto Research Center, died last Tuesday from cancer of the liver. He was 46.
Regular phlebotomy to reduce iron stores will prevent hereditary hemochromatosis from leading to the serious consequences of iron accumulation, including cirrhosis or cancer of the liver, diabetes mellitus, arthritis, and cardiomyopat
POP star and actor Ian Dury is suffering from cancer of the liver, it was reported last night.
Also in clinical trials is a similar PFC that is administered intravenously to detect cancer of the liver and spleen.
He said that more than 200,000 people in the continent died each year due to complications from hepatitis such as end-stage liver cirrhosis and cancer of the liver.
After several more tests and scans it was determined that I had primary cancer of the liver which apparently is uncommon in the Northern Hemisphere, occurring mostly in Asia.
Eighty percent of all liver cancers are preceded by cirrhosis while the lifetime risk of cancer of the liver among chronic carriers of Hepatitis B virus is up to 100 times higher than the rest of the population.
Qasim died in Safed hospital in northern Israel after suffering from cancer of the liver for the past three years, Issam Khuri, a novelist and close family friend, told AFP.
In a statement on the Lawn Tennis Association website, she said: "I have recently been diagnosed with cancer of the liver. I'm currently undergoing treatment and fighting this illness with everything I have."
TENNIS: Former British No.1 Elena Baltacha has been diagnosed with cancer of the liver. The 30-year-old said in a statement: "I'm currently undergoing treatment and fighting this illness with everything I have."