candid camera

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candid camera

A small, easily operated camera with a fast lens for taking unposed or informal photographs.

candid camera

a. a small camera that may be used to take informal photographs of people, usually without their knowledge
b. (as modifier): a candid-camera photograph.

can′did cam′era

a small, handy camera, esp. one having a fast lens for informal pictures.
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Noun1.candid camera - a miniature camera with a fast lens
camera, photographic camera - equipment for taking photographs (usually consisting of a lightproof box with a lens at one end and light-sensitive film at the other)
كاميرا خَفِيَّه
skrytá kamera
skjult kamera
rejtett kamera
gizli kamera


(ˈkӕndid) adjective
saying just what one thinks, without hiding anything. Do you like my hairstyle? Be candid.
ˈcandidly adverb
ˈcandour (-də) noun
ˈcandidness noun
candid camera noun
the use of a hidden video camera to show people while they are being tricked as a joke.
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She then went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, pictured, and allowed herself to be set up good and proper in a candid camera stunt.
Two weeks ago, Egyptian actress Athar al Hakim condemned TV prankster and host Ramez Galal for pranking celebs on his infamous candid camera shows
Candid Camera began back in America in 1947 as Candid Microphone with the British TV version starting in 1960 with Bob Monkhouse, Jonathan Routh and Arthur Atkins using hidden cameras to play pranks on the unsuspecting public.
Summary: Casablanca-based 2M has bought Novovision's new candid camera series, Al Camera al Majnouna (Crazy Camera), Rapid TV News has reported.
It will be filmed very much like a candid camera production so we can get genuine reactions from people.
An unsophisticated Candid Camera rip-off, BBC1's new Saturday night trickster series is unlikely to make anyone over the age of four laugh.
So this week we welcome the Top Gear veteran for a new series which exploits the Candid Camera format.
I thought they were joking, I thought it was Candid Camera, but it weren't Candid Camera, it was serious," he added.
He admitted that he was inspired to dance by another cop o n US T V show Candid Camera.
But, before that, Routh made millions laugh, sometimes painfully at his practical jokes, in which members of the public were innocently drawn into stunts on Candid Camera (1960-67, 6,400 hoaxes), on which they carried out absurd tasks, unaware that they were being filmed, until they were told, "Smile, you're on Candid Camera".
I thought it was Candid Camera or something like that, to be honest with you.
The other great point of contiguity between Kazakhstan and Borat's candid camera America is anti-Semitism.