candle flame

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Noun1.candle flame - the light provided by a burning candlecandle flame - the light provided by a burning candle
light, visible light, visible radiation - (physics) electromagnetic radiation that can produce a visual sensation; "the light was filtered through a soft glass window"
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As upon that first occasion, some weeks ago, the door closed as if it were a thousand doors softly excluding the world; and once more Ralph received an impression of a room full of deep shadows, firelight, unwavering silver candle flames, and empty spaces to be crossed before reaching the round table in the middle of the room, with its frail burden of silver trays and china teacups.
Look at the fire, and see it as the candle flame on your altar.
Candles are also dangerous as the flicker of a candle flame is a tempting target for cats.
Traditionally, she melts the wax over a candle flame and applies it with a tool called a kistka, a short wooden stick topped with a tiny copper funnel.
But more often, he says, modern institutions handle unexpected jolts--say, the recent financial crisis--about as well as a candle flame resists a windstorm.
If we listen hard enough, we may even be able to hear their gentle whispers through the licks of a candle flame as it dances whimsically around the wick.
The officials concerned briefed the Director General about leading causes of fire emergencies have been reported are 1448 fire emergencies due to short circuit, 385 due to gas leakage, 200 due to carelessness/smoking, 100 due to candle flame, 73 due to LPG cylinders blast and 686 fire incidents occurred due to multiple reasons.
By manipulating the camera and via such experiments as filming through a candle flame, fie traversed the entire chromatic spectrum, creating a series of abstract images that explore the range and diversity of light.
Nothing out of the ordinary happened in the first minute, but after about three minutes Jane's eyes began to tire, and the candle flame swayed side to side.
Some late Victorian or Edwardian examples also have deep fretted sides holding a glass shade in place in order to protect the candle flame from draughts.
Researchers successfully removed particles from the centre of a candle flame for the first time and found that around 1.