Candle power

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(Photom.) illuminating power, as of a lamp, or gas flame, reckoned in terms of the light of a standard candle.

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The LED engine is designed to maximize light output on the ground or other surfaces with exact center beam candle power (CBCP), providing the right number of foot-candles for exterior lighting applications.
Readers should check out the Candle Power forums or the Budget Light forums.
The product was launched at inter airport Europe 2011 and is available in red as siderow, or white as approach with more than 20,000 candle power (cd).
The S&S MEP contains a centerline electro-optical infrared (EO/IR) sensor, a 30 million candle power search light, analog/digital video downlink, rear observer's console with a 15-inch display, an enhanced tactical communications suite, an onboard digital video recorder, 10.
Heusmann is on his fourth airboat now - a 350 horse-power, Corvette-like aluminum craft donated by Ducks Unlimited and equipped with a million candle power Q-beam spotlight.
One Million Candle Power Quartz Halogen Spotlight, B&Q.