candy striper

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candy striper

A volunteer worker in a hospital.

[From the resemblance of the volunteer's red and white striped uniform to a candy cane.]

can′dy strip`er

a volunteer worker at a hospital, esp. a teenager.
[1960–65; so called from the red and white striped uniform often worn]
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Noun1.candy striper - a volunteer worker in a hospitalcandy striper - a volunteer worker in a hospital  
unpaid worker, volunteer - a person who performs voluntary work
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She started as a candy striper in 1963 at age 16, and she hasn't stopped since.
In ninth grade, he began pursuit of that career by volunteering as a candy striper at UMass Memorial Medical Center - University Campus in Worcester.
I was an 18-year-old candy striper working at the hospital when Gaston arrived,'' says Nancy Patano, 45, who continued visiting Glass after she left the hospital's volunteer service in 1980.
She's my candy striper," he said, adding that he favored her dress because she's kind to him.
Her ill-fitting, striped bandeau column dress by British designer Emilia Wickstead made her look like one of those candy striper volunteers you get in American hospitals and the flats are definitely for daytime only.
FITCHBURG - Gale Hurd got her start in philanthropy many years ago volunteering as a candy striper at Burbank Hospital, but, retired and living in Vermont, she is still involved with the hospital as the driving force behind the opening of the Simonds-Hurd Complementary Care Center.
The simulators don't exactly bowl you over with their realism; even a far-sighted candy striper can tell from across the room that they're mannequins.
As a teen-ager, Perdomo volunteered as a candy striper.
As a child I volunteered for the Red Cross, I was a Candy Striper at our local hospitals, and we distributed food and clothing to the needy at our church, etc.
Her training in nursing - from her beginning as a Los Angeles County Hospital candy striper volunteer, to her time as a Home Health Aide, and, finally, an RN - is a perfect match for her new career direction, and she is excited about sharing this broad range of experience with the local senior population.
Bonnie prepared for her nursing career by using her high school years to volunteer at a nursing home and in a hospital candy striper program.