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tr.v. can·dy-coat·ed, can·dy-coat·ing, can·dy-coats
To minimize the unpleasantness of; sugarcoat.
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The movie celebrates life by refusing to candy-coat its difficult complexities.
They can candy-coat it and get someone that might make everyone feel good and look better on paper than me or they can bring in someone who knows X's and O's, who knows how to discipline and who's had success at Northridge and won.
Some parents won't talk about it with their children, but no matter how you candy-coat it, children know something's wrong,'' Crosby said.
You cannot candy-coat it," Abbott said at a news conference.
Top violinist Andre Rieu "There is no way to candy-coat this sort of thing.
and what better way to honour our own children, than by arming them with truth, rather than the the fanciful thinking of those who are determined to candy-coat our history?
We can no longer candy-coat messages with cute little photo shoots like we did when I initially launched this magazine at age 16.
And it would have been very easy for us to candy-coat this and make us seem super cool all the time, and nothing ever gets to us and we never fight and it's just good times and partying and hunky dory, and this shows us the opposite.