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tr.v. can·dy-coat·ed, can·dy-coat·ing, can·dy-coats
To minimize the unpleasantness of; sugarcoat.
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"You cannot candy-coat it," Abbott said at a news conference.
Pheeew!" Top violinist Andre Rieu "There is no way to candy-coat this sort of thing.
(in contrast to the bureaucrats in Belgium!) ..and what better way to honour our own children, than by arming them with truth, rather than the the fanciful thinking of those who are determined to candy-coat our history?
"We are in a down market, whether you call it what it is or candy-coat it."
"And it would have been very easy for us to candy-coat this and make us seem super cool all the time, and nothing ever gets to us and we never fight and it's just good times and partying and hunky dory, and this shows us the opposite.
Easy Ferrer's visually delightful 'Finding You' is inventively paced and staged, but its hokey scientific mumbo-jumbo about the use of medical science as a tool to 'selectively' delete its protagonist's pain-specific memories gravely dilutes its cotton candy-coated rom-com appeal and well-earned mush.
Part fertility goddess, part saint, the "Melting Queen is Edmonton's perfect mother," and, as River predicts, "Everyone loves a man in a dress on Melting Day, when inversions and perversions are queen Come tomorrow the candy-coated veneer of tolerance will be shattered just like the river." When it becomes clear that River's nonbinary, genderfluid identity is there to stay, emotions run high, and River is made both symbol and target.
Jack 'n Jill Nips, the well-loved candy-coated chocolate brand, is bringing back its exciting celebration of creativity and color this 2018.
It's a thick, candy-coated kettle corn that comes in candy corn colors, and it is really good.
After 10 years since her debut album, the candy-coated pop star delved into the developments of modernity, lyrically questioning our social and political values.
The film's so candy-coated cute you'll get cavities.