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1. Of or relating to Sirius or Procyon, two stars in the constellation Canis Major.
2. Of or relating to the dog days.

[Late Latin canīculāris, of Sirius, from Latin Canīcula, Sirius, diminutive of canis, dog; see kwon- in Indo-European roots.]


(Astronomy) of or relating to the star Sirius or its rising


(kəˈnɪk yə lər)

pertaining to the Dog Star or its rising.
[Middle English, late Old English < Late Latin canīculāris of Sirius]
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Adj.1.canicular - of or relating to the dog days of summer; "the canicular heat of the Deep South"
2.canicular - relating to or especially immediately preceding or following the heliacal rising of Canicula (the Dog Star); "canicular days"


canicular days
plHundstage pl
canicular heat
nHundstagshitze f
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In his discussion "Of the Canicular or Dogdayes," for example, in Pseudodoxia Epidemica, Browne notes the long-standing association of the seasonal appearance of the dog star with "the Physician's vacation," when "all medication is to be declined, and the cure committed unto Nature" (352).
The adjective Canicular means "pertaining to Sirius", so dog days are also called Canicular days.
In the liver, it is located on the canicular surface of the hepatocyte.
He discusses, inter alia, the aspects or angular distances between the planets, which modify their influence; the Houses that govern different spheres of life; the properties of the zodiacal signs and their domiciles, canicular days, triplicities, and the Great Year.