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1. An evergreen tree (Pouteria campechiana) native to Mexico and Central America, bearing fruit having sweet, deep-yellow flesh with the texture of hard-boiled egg yolk.
2. The fruit of this tree. In both senses also called eggfruit.

[Cuban and Central American Spanish, from a Mayan source such as Yucatec Maya k'aniste', canistel, probably literally, "tree bearing yellow fruit like sweet potatoes" : k'an, yellow + iis, sweet potato (in reference to the taste and texture of canistel fruit) + te', tree.]
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(ˌkænɪˈstɛl; ˈkænɪˌstɛl)
1. (Plants) an evergreen tree, Pouteria campechiana, that is native to Central America and the West Indies
2. the sweet fruit of this tree
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Noun1.canistel - tropical tree of Florida and West Indies yielding edible fruit
eggfruit, canistel - ovoid orange-yellow mealy sweet fruit of Florida and West Indies
fruit tree - tree bearing edible fruit
genus Pouteria, Pouteria - tropical American timber tree with edible fruit (canistel)
2.canistel - ovoid orange-yellow mealy sweet fruit of Florida and West Indies
edible fruit - edible reproductive body of a seed plant especially one having sweet flesh
canistel, canistel tree, Pouteria campechiana nervosa - tropical tree of Florida and West Indies yielding edible fruit
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Founded by Tang Ekkhung, whose restaurant Sek Meas became a household name in Kampong Cham province, Khting Vor Cafe serves unusual but healthy drinks made from unusual tropical fruits including canistel, wood apple and jambolan.
Also getting votes: canistel, banana, caimito, papaya, passionfruit, sugar apple, tamarind, dragon fruit, persimmon, blueberry, miracle fruit, loquat and peach.
hamata was reared only from Pouteria campechiana (Kunth) Baehni (Ericales: Sapotaceae), commonly known as canistel or yellow sapote.
O canistel [Pouteria campechiana (Kunth) Baehni; Sapotaceae] e uma frutifera originaria do sul do Mexico e America Central.
MANILA -- The Department of Science and Technology (DoST) has made a discovery that could make the tiesa fruit (canistel) economically viable.
Eats chicken, also bananas, canistel kisas and other fruit) ketuli' datu' civet cat, speckled Behrens (It is speckled (2002) black and white and white under the throat.
The combination of a sorbet or ice cream and a mousse comes in five flavors: strawberry and lemon, banana and orange, "canistel" fruit and meringue, pineapple and coconut, and chocolate and mint.
The Lucuma fruit, part of the Sapotaceae family and similar to the canistel or eggfruit, is a prized and sacred food of the Incas.
While some of these crops have odd-sounding names like canistel (a tree fruit grown in Florida) and kenaf (a plant that is being used for newsprint), most can be found in the fresh produce section of any supermarket.