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Noun1.canned hunt - a hunt for animals that have been raised on game ranches until they are mature enough to be killed for trophy collections
hunting, hunt - the work of finding and killing or capturing animals for food or pelts
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Many deer breeders and canned hunt operators suffer few illusions about their industry.
A: A 'canned hunt' is one in which an animal is kept within a fenced-in area and killed at close range in order to obtain a trophy.
Ben and his best friend Jilly attempt to discover a local connection, and in doing so run afoul of the owner of a "canned hunt" farm where hunters pay large fees to kill exotic trophy animals discarded by circuses and zoos.
Sydney Carter, 19, has vowed to never call her father 'dad' again in response to the photograph, which was taken at a 'canned hunt' in South Africa.
PROTEST FAILS TO HALT RABBIT HUNT: A "family rabbit hunt" designed to teach novice hunters about rabbit hunting was held as scheduled Saturday, even though the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission voted to "postpone" the event after a dozen demonstrators appeared at its meeting to protest "a canned hunt held on a refuge." The commission said it would delay the hunt to an unspecified future date and return registration fees, However, the hunt was held anyway after the Mary's Peak Hound Club, which was co-sponsoring the hunt with the ODFW, telephoned the 27 registrants and told them the club still planned to teach rabbit hunting at the E.E.
Sarah Creighton, who runs the farm, insists it is not a "canned hunt", where captive bred lions are sold to hunt managers, who let hunters kill them and export body parts as trophies.
It appears he is the only British operator to advertise and organise "canned hunts" - where lions bred in captivity are pursued and shot in fenced enclosures.
"I have seen incredible situations of cruelty--tiny pig-lets abandoned, cows left after a dairy operation went bankrupt, horses locked and abandoned in barns, sheep used as prey in canned hunts; she says.
Certainly there are examples of inhumane, cruel, and unsportsmanlike "canned hunts," but they are the exception, not the rule.
Many hunters nationwide look down on "canned hunts" High fence is seen by many as more of a shopping trip than a real hunting experience.
You won't like their meat anyway, and there is nothing to prove by killing them with modern weapons in canned hunts.