cannel coal

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cannel coal

(ˈkænəl) or


(Mining & Quarrying) a dull coal having a high volatile content and burning with a smoky luminous flame
[C16: from northern English dialect cannel candle: so called from its bright flame]

can′nel coal`

(ˈkæn l)
an oily, compact coal that burns readily and brightly. Also called can′nel.
[1530–40; cannel, dial. form of candle]
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Noun1.cannel coal - a bituminous coal that burns with a luminous flame
bituminous coal, soft coal - rich in tarry hydrocarbons; burns readily with a smoky yellow flame
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Don found that some of what the coal company had rejected was the fossiliferous cannel coal that contains the skeletal remains of scores of vertebrate taxa and, as he would later demonstrate, an overlooked assemblage of freshwater and terrestrial invertebrates.
The absence of an index is regrettable; captioning is often insufficient; spelling (especially of place-names) can be erratic; and there are some factual errors concerning the British material (for example, the description of an embossed item from the Migdale hoard as being of gold, not bronze; the inclusion of an urn from Culla Voe, Shedand, as a Vase Urn (see Sheridan 2007a); the description of beads from Bedd Branwen as of jet, rather than cannel coal (see Sheridan & Davis 1998)).
Other jet lookalikes include cannel coal, Irish bog oak and, in the 20th century, Bakelite and other kinds of plastic.
In addition to the famous seams of good quality coal which ran throughout the royalties leased by him, valuable seams of cannel coal and fireclay were discovered.