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A groove around the cylinder of a bullet.

[French, alteration of cannelature, from Old Italian cannellatura, from cannello, small tube; see cannelloni.]


(Firearms, Gunnery, Ordnance & Artillery) a groove or fluting, esp one around the cylindrical part of a bullet
[C18: from French, ultimately from Latin canālis canal]
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38 WCF bullets--whether lead alloy or jacketed--must have a crimping groove (lead alloy ones) or knurled cannelure (jacketed ones).
It had a brass rimless case with a bullet-seating cannelure, and was loaded with a 230-grain, cupronickel-jacketed bullet traveling at 800 fps.
The Super Hammerhead bullet is a bonded bullet that has a thick cannelure.
lt;<Des chasseurs de la fin de l'age glaciaire dans la region du lac Megantic : decourverte des premieres pointes a cannelure au Quebec.
Corbin Manufacturing bring high-performance bullet seating to the hobby reloader with their Hand Cannelure Tool.
Just as important with the 1873 Winchester system, the cannelure was positioned correctly for a good crimp, with an overall length sufficient to feed from the magazine.
These were necked down to 7mm and loaded with a 7mm bullet whose crimping cannelure was closer to the bullet's base then was usual.
If the bullet has a cannelure, adjusting the resizing die to roll-crimp the mouth of the case into it is the best way to prevent or at least minimize bullet movement.
lt;< Des chasseurs de la fin de l'age glaciaire dans la region du lac Megantic : decouverte des premieres pointes a cannelure au Quebec.
However, after from 2 to 6 inches of penetration, both the M193 (Vietnam era) and M855 (current) full metal jacket (FMJ) projectiles will yaw to 90[degrees], flatten and break apart at the cannelure (crimping groove).
460 S&W Magnum and the distance from its cannelure to its pointed nose is too great to stay within maximum overall cartridge length for the shorter .
The Hornady bullets sat below the cannelure and no roll crimp could be applied.