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n. pl. can·ner·ies
A factory where fish, vegetables, or other foods are canned.


n, pl -neries
a place where foods are canned


(ˈkæn ə ri)

n., pl. -ner•ies.
a factory where foodstuffs, as meat, fish, or fruit, are canned.
[1865–70, Amer.]
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Noun1.cannery - a factory where food is cannedcannery - a factory where food is canned  
factory, manufactory, manufacturing plant, mill - a plant consisting of one or more buildings with facilities for manufacturing
مَصْنَع تَعْليب
konserve fabrikası


[ˈkænərɪ] Nfábrica f de conservas


n (US) → Konservenfabrik f


[ˈkænərɪ] nconservificio


(kӕn) noun
a metal container for liquids and many types of food. oil-can; beer-can; six cans of beer.
verbpast tense, past participle canned
to put (especially food) into cans, usually to preserve it. a factory for canning raspberries.
canned adjective
put in cans. canned peas.
ˈcanneryplural ˈcanneries noun
a factory where goods are canned.
References in classic literature ?
There's never anybody to be had but those stupid, half-grown little French boys; and as soon as you do get one broke into your ways and taught something he's up and off to the lobster canneries or the States.
And this law, with only an occasional violation, had been obediently observed by the Greek fishermen who caught salmon for the canneries and the market.
There are sardine canneries on the Spanish coast which - "
The ephemeral motions of the crashing ocean waves to the way fog moves across the water somehow represent our timeless and changing human state to me, says Seftel while sitting in his studio/workshop at the American Tin Cannery, a former commercial outlet center and one of the few surviving original sardine canneries at the edge of Cannery Row.
Tenders are invited for the period from 21-07-2017 to 30-06-2018 for labour contract for providing labour at Markfed Canneries, Village Chuharwali, Tehsil Adampur, Distt.
The court deliberations stated that jobs at the canneries wee of two general types: 'cannery jobs' on the cannery line, which were unskilled positions; and 'non-cannery jobs,' which fell into a variety of classifications.
Representatives of Russian food safety authority Rosselkhoznadzor are planning visits to Latvian fish canneries to inspect the quality of their products and decide on lifting the current import ban, Ilze Meistere, a spokeswoman for the Latvian Food and Veterinary Service, said.
That's a benefit for canneries in sometimes drought-stricken California, the state that produces the majority of the nation's processing tomatoes.
The market was flooded with fish and all the major canneries weren't buying any more tuna for the season.
The company exports 14 containers of fish products and fishmeal a day and caters to the requirements of fish canneries as well as several multinational chicken integrators.
But there was a time when the waterfront looked bleak, after the 1960s and '70s closure of most of the three-dozen canneries that had earned Astoria the title "Salmon Canning Capital of the World.