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n. pl. can·ner·ies
A factory where fish, vegetables, or other foods are canned.


n, pl -neries
a place where foods are canned


(ˈkæn ə ri)

n., pl. -ner•ies.
a factory where foodstuffs, as meat, fish, or fruit, are canned.
[1865–70, Amer.]
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Noun1.cannery - a factory where food is cannedcannery - a factory where food is canned  
factory, manufactory, manufacturing plant, mill - a plant consisting of one or more buildings with facilities for manufacturing
مَصْنَع تَعْليب
konserve fabrikası


[ˈkænərɪ] Nfábrica f de conservas


n (US) → Konservenfabrik f


[ˈkænərɪ] nconservificio


(kӕn) noun
a metal container for liquids and many types of food. oil-can; beer-can; six cans of beer.
verbpast tense, past participle canned
to put (especially food) into cans, usually to preserve it. a factory for canning raspberries.
canned adjective
put in cans. canned peas.
ˈcanneryplural ˈcanneries noun
a factory where goods are canned.
References in classic literature ?
I was barely turned fifteen, and working long hours in a cannery.
And I knew that on the morrow I would not go back to my machine at the cannery.
One of his first experiences was in the great Wilmax Cannery, where he was put on piece-work making small packing cases.
The ordinary labourers in the cannery got a dollar and a half per day.
And that night, coming out of the cannery, he was interviewed by his fellow workmen, who were very angry and incoherently slangy.
A little later, in another department of the Wilmax Cannery, lumping as a fruit-distributor among the women, he essayed to carry two boxes of fruit at a time, and was promptly reproached by the other fruit-lumpers.
She had worked in the cannery the preceding summer, and her slim, pretty hands were all scarred with the tomato-knives.
With one member trimming beef in a cannery, and another working in a sausage factory, the family had a first-hand knowledge of the great majority of Packingtown swindles.
He worked as a night watchman, hawked potatoes on the street, pasted labels in a cannery warehouse, was utility man in a paper-box factory, and water-carrier for a street railway construction gang, and even joined the Dishwashers' Union just before it fell to pieces.
And she was pleased, as well as angered, when she chanced to overhear two of the strapping young cannery girls.
Seftel has done several artist's residencies around the world, living and working from a few months at a time to a few years in Taos, New Mexico, Denver and Vail, Colorado, Barcelona, Costa Rica, Hawaii and now in Pacific Grove at the American Tin Cannery.
Sverdlova, 1, Brest Region, Republic of Belarus To: OAO Berezovsky Meat Cannery.